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Solar Energy For...Commercial


Solar Energy Supply designs each installation to the specific needs and budget of each commercial, utility or government project.  We analyze and select the best technology to assure optimal production.  Factors for design include:

  • Site Details: solar, wind, water resources and orientation
  • Technology options and their durability, cost, ease of maintenance and life expectancy  

Our goal is to obtain the best performance from each and every system to meet the needs of each project's unique requirement.


We use quality materials to install our new solar systems and we do it right the first time.  We take pride in our work and pay attention to the details that guarantee our system installs will be up and running quickly, efficiently and worry-free.


We provide consultation services such as site assessment, design consults and technical support for your residential, commercial, utility and government projects.

Repair & Maintenance

We service what we sell!  Solar Energy Supply is a full-service company, and we are here for you after the installation.  We offer system inspections, annual preventative maintenance and panel cleaning services to help you keep your renewable energy system running at peak performance.  Solar Energy Supply also performs "remove and replace" of solar panels so roofing materials can be replaced.